Make The Most Of It!

As a homeowner, it can be fun and exciting to decide how best to use your space. Let’s put our creative thinking caps on and consider some of the many ways to better use some underutilized space around the home. Whether it is creating more storage, a special cubby for some quiet time, or getting better organized, I bet there is some place in your home that isn’t living up to its fullest potential.

Whether you incorporate a creative idea into a remodeling plan or pull it off as a stand-alone project, it’s always a great time to repurpose a room or underutilized space to fit your current and future needs. In addition to a welcome change, it may also add value to your home.

There are many options when considering unused or underpurposed space. These areas can be premium targets for additional rooms, hobby spaces, a media room, a home office, or even a reading nook (my personal favorite).

For more ideas, you are welcome to refer to our past posts about how to transform an extra room into a man cave or she shed or advice on how to best utilize attic or basement spaces.


Yes, I’m talking about that room. The one that was a yoga room, then an extra closet, and now it’s home to all the stuff you don’t really need but haven’t gotten around to giving away or selling. No more rushing to close the door whenever guests tread too close to the room. Do yourself a favor and transform it into something useful for you or your family.

As more and more people are working from home, it might be useful to turn the room into a home office. Set apart from the traditional clutter of your home, it can be a tranquil space to be productive and creative. A home office might be an obvious choice for an extra room, yet getting creative with the space usually means finding multiple purposes for an area.

A growing family is always in need of additional space. With a few functional pieces you can create a multipurpose room which can transition from an office or playroom to a guest room, with additional hidden storage. Add a stylish ottoman to store extra blankets and towels. Decorative baskets or storage bins keep children’s accessories in one area while easily hiding the clutter from guests. Murphy beds are also making a comeback.


Adding extra space can be as easy and inexpensive as tearing down a wall or two in order to create one large space. Open floor plans often transform closed-in spaces into an open concept floor plan with better natural lighting. If the walls are not load bearing and don’t require moving electrical or plumbing, this renovation project can be inexpensive, yet have limitless possibilities. By tearing down a wall you can finally make room for that large kitchen with an island you have always wanted, with a full bar and wine collection to match. Combine your living room and family room to create a media room where your family and guests can enjoy a hit movie. Your family, guests and your wallet won’t be disappointed.


Instead of trying to hide a laundry or mud room littered with dirty clothes or piles of shoes, why not reinvent the space to an open area with extra storage. If you have pets, and a spare corner in the room, create a dog (or kid) washing area. Add a built-in bench with storage underneath for shoes and shelves and/or hooks above for extra towels and to hang jackets.


Corners are typically underutilized because of awkward placement and furniture not meant to fit in smaller spaces, not to mention the shadows can make it hard to be very functional. This is a fun opportunity to use your creativity for space usage. Make a corner reading nook with bench seats surrounded by books. Or, turn it into a mini office with a fold down desk. Not enough natural light? Do some light construction and add a skylight or Solatube or get creative with a nice reading lamp.

Underutilized spaces can be transformed into just about anything. The opportunities are endless. Get creative on how to best utilize the areas in your home that are just taking up space but not serving you well. It’s easier and less expensive to renovate an existing space than it is to build additional space.

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