That’s What She Shed

Move over men, the female revolution has arrived. For every Man Cave, there should now be a She Shed. A She Shed, or Babe Cave, is the female equivalent of a Man Cave, and is a tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate from the many responsibilities women have.

Like the Man Cave, the She Shed should reflect what is most important to you, but in an environment separate from the chaos of everyday life. This can include an area for hobbies such as yoga, a personal library, horticulture, crafting, or even a place to escape for a much-needed nap.

This is another fun home improvement project because it allows you to use your imagination and design a space specifically for you. She Sheds are typically a separate space from the house in another small building, similar to a tiny-house or storage shed. However, a home or room renovation can incorporate a She Shed into your existing living space and re-utilize rooms you already have.


This is an easy and inexpensive way to create a She Shed without an extensive renovation. Borrow an unused corner and frame in a small space. Finish with drywall, paint, lighting, and ventilation.


If your house includes a large patio, renovating it into a She Shed is a simple way to incorporate your own personality and touches into an existing space. The renovations would be limited with minimal costs, and it also provides ample space for entertaining.

Separate Space

If you don’t have an existing space to incorporate a she Shed consider adding an out building in a portion of your backyard. If you currently have a storage shed, you can clean it out and utilize that space. This is the most convenient way to create a She Shed, and it will give you the motivation to cross off shed cleaning from the to-do list. The renovations are easy because the base walls are there, so the primary goal is designing the inside. If you don’t have an existing shed you can buy an easy-to-build kit or purchase one at a home improvement store, such as Home Depot.

After establishing a space for your She Shed the design possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to define the purpose for your She Shed and how to incorporate it into your life. Basic design ideas are a fresh coat of paint, fill the space with unique pieces or antiques that reflect your personality, incorporate some greenery, make an inviting entryway, add appropriate lighting, and include an area for entertaining if that is an important element.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started in creating your unique oasis. For many this is a fun and relatively easy DIY project. If that’s not your cup of tea, we can help you find a certified contractor to assist.

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