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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The following checklist will help you prepare your home for fall and winter. Taking time now to ensure your home is prepared for rain, wind, and colder temperatures will give you peace of mind, increase your homes efficiency, and could save money on costly emergency repairs.

Fertilize and apply weed killer to lawn

Trim trees and bushes away from sides of house and over roof and gutters

Blow out irrigation system

Spring & Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer will be here soon! Are you ready to get a jump on your spring and summer home maintenance projects? It’s a good idea to finish much of your home maintenance now before the weather gets too hot. The following checklist will help you get started.

Inspect home’s exterior for winter storm damage

Complete exterior repairs as needed to roof, gutters, chimney, siding, windows, foundation, porch, deck, walkways, and driveway Read More >>

Spring Exterior Home Maintenance

First Day Of Fall

Seasonal Checklist

Today marks the first day of fall, and what a wet, blustery, fall day it is! I have already had to rescue two plants that were blown off their stands on the deck.¬† If you haven’t completed your fall to-do list, today is a good time to reflect on those projects that still need attention. Attached is our Seasonal Checklist to help you along.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Start your spring exterior maintenance plan by grabbing a pen and paper and taking a walk around the full perimeter of your home. Compile a list of any necessary repairs you discover. Breaking these tasks down later into categories and prioritizing them will make the list more manageable.

Trim Trees & Bushes

You need relatively clear access to your home’s exterior to complete most maintenance tasks. A good place to start is to trim back any trees and bushes from the side of the house and hanging over the roof, gutters, and power lines. Remember to give the same attention to any outbuildings, such as a detached garage or storage shed. Read More >>

Home Maintenance Plan


Spring is just a few short weeks away. With longer days and warmer temps around the corner, it’s naturally a time to start thinking about household projects we’d like to complete this summer.

Just like a car, a home requires regular care and maintenance to ensure its functionality and to maintain or increase its value. Regular maintenance is not only critical to the well-being of your home, but more importantly the people and animals that live in the home. Please continue reading to learn how a home maintenance plan can save you time and money and help prevent many avoidable and oftentimes costly home ’emergencies’. Read More >>