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Contractors In High Demand

Contractor Hotline was founded in August 2006, when the economy was strong and demand for home improvement services was high. Those days were much like the present, when good contractors stayed busy with their customer’s home repair and remodeling needs. But, those days didn’t last long before the recession pretty much brought business to a grinding halt.

Prior to that time, we knocked on a lot of doors trying to get the attention of good contractors interested in new business. By the end of 2008 the tables began to turn and many of those same contractors were seeking out our services. Over time we retained a lot of those original contractors, recruited many more, and built a solid network of quality home improvement professionals. We have been through these times together and value the relationships we have with each other. Read More >>

Home Maintenance Plan


Spring is just a few short weeks away. With longer days and warmer temps around the corner, it’s naturally a time to start thinking about household projects we’d like to complete this summer.

Just like a car, a home requires regular care and maintenance to ensure its functionality and to maintain or increase its value. Regular maintenance is not only critical to the well-being of your home, but more importantly the people and animals that live in the home. Please continue reading to learn how a home maintenance plan can save you time and money and help prevent many avoidable and oftentimes costly home ’emergencies’. Read More >>