How It Works

Contractor Screening Procedures

Contractor Hotline makes it easy to connect with highly skilled home remodeling and home repair specialists in every field from painting, roofing, and handyman services to general contractors for home remodels and additions. Whether you have an immediate problem that needs attention or future plans to refurbish your home, Contractor Hotline brings you together with the most capable professionals in their respective fields at rates competitive with industry standards.

Best of all, there is no cost for using our service! You will not pay an annual membership fee or be asked to sign any contracts. We earn a small commission from the contractor that fits within their marketing budget that truly results in a free service for you.

Each contractor in our network must successfully pass a thorough screening process and continue to meet high standards of workmanship through ongoing performance evaluations. Washington State Department of Labor & Industries requires that contractors be licensed, bonded, and insured. Contractor Hotline screens all contractors carefully using strict criteria to ensure they are:

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Certified (when applicable)
  • Have positive Customer References
  • In good standing with the Better Business Bureau and Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

To ensure each contractor in our network continues to meet our high standards we conduct:

  • Regular Credential Audits
  • Performance Evaluations at the completion of each job

Our network of home remodeling and home repair professionals are based throughout the Greater Seattle area, including Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Stanwood, and Mount Vernon – ensuring you will work with a local professional, often right from your community.

The Process Is Easy

We match the services of our network professionals with the requirements of each homeowner according to budget, project specification, scheduling, location, and craftsmanship. Contractor Hotline takes the uncertainty and time consuming search out of hiring a contractor. Our service is free to use and there is no obligation to hire the professionals we refer. The process is easy …

  1. Homeowner submits project information
  2. We evaluate and refer an appropriate contractor based on the information you provide
  3. Contractor will contact you to discuss your project and schedule a meeting at your convenience
  4. Contractor submits bid or proposal
  5. We follow up with you about the initial meeting, project goals and referred contractor
  6. If satisfied, you hire the contractor
  7. We are available throughout the entire process to provide support or aid in communication where needed
  8. After project completion, we encourage you to Share Your Feedback so that Contractor Hotline can continue to offer only the highest quality referrals
  9. Please note: When you hire a professional referred by Contractor Hotline, you will arrange payment directly with them as we do not accept payment on behalf of any contractors

Why Contact Us Directly For Future Projects?

All jobs referred through Contractor Hotline are monitored to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. If we don’t know about the job, we cannot monitor the performance of our contractor. We also know our contractors best. Even though one contractor did a great job with your bathroom remodel, we may have someone more appropriate in mind for your kitchen remodel or for your neighbor’s home addition. Their preferred type of jobs, license limitations, locations they will work, skill level, etc are all important considerations when referring a contractor. We also monitor credentials, Better Business Bureau complaints, and conduct regular performance evaluations. We want to be sure to refer a contractor that is in good standing and will do the best job for you. Not to mention it is easy and convenient to let us handle the phone calls and appointment setting.