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Top 5 Things To Do Before Vacation

Returning home after a well-deserved break, only to discover a flooded laundry room or kitchen is not how most people want to end their vacation. Follow these simple steps to avoid coming home to a big mess and costly repairs.

1.  Turn off the water

Water leaks can cause devastating damage to your home in a short amount of time. A failed hose connection, plumbing fixture, pipe fitting, or appliance can leak gallons of water in no time, resulting in costly repairs. Read More >>

Home Emergency Services, Gutters & Storm Drains – Post 1 of 6

The first day of winter is nearing and with it comes wind, rain, and snow storms. Are you and your home ready for winter? Having a contingency plan and knowing who to call can save valuable time and money when reacting to an unexpected home emergency.

You must act quickly to minimize damages when faced with an unexpected home emergency. We can assist in getting you the right help, right away. You will have plenty to do on your own securing personal items and possibly even safely relocating children, seniors, and pets. Immediately contacting a professional who specializes in home emergencies will help minimize property loss, reduce costly repairs, and help keep your family safe and healthy. Once the emergency is controlled, they can provide a scope of repairs and detailed proposal to submit on your behalf to your insurance company. Read More >>

Water, Fire, Smoke, and Sewage Damage Cleaning & Restoration

I hope you never have to use our most recently added service! If you ever experience the unfortunate event of water, fire, smoke, or sewage damage in your home, we can help. I’m excited to announce we now have a 24 hour response team that dries out, cleans up, and can make any necessary repairs to your home due to these type damages. They also offer mold remediation & asbestos testing.

Top 5 Projects To Complete Before You Go On Vacation

Avoid Water Damage From Failed Hoses & Fittings

Short of fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of your home than leaking water from failing pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. A failed hose connection on an unattended washing machine can cause devastating damage in a short amount of time.

  • Turn off the water supply to the washing machine, sinks, and toilets when going on vacation. If you do not have someone watering outside plants or pet sitting, turn the main water supply off completely.

Did you know most hoses and fittings that come with new washing machines are low quality, usually lasting no more than four or five years? A high-quality pair of washing machine hoses can be purchased for about $40 and is a low-cost investment compared to the thousands of dollars of damage that can be incurred by a failed hose fitting. Read More >>