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Home Emergency Services, Mold Remediation – Post 5 of 6

Winter Storm Damages

Winter Storm Damages

Mold can cause health problems and deteriorate building materials. Water leaks in attics, crawl spaces, and basements are not always noticeable until mold is present. If you discover mold, or believe you have a mold problem, it is important to have the area inspected and any toxic mold removed by a certified professional. Our full service mold remediation professionals are trained to detect if mold is present, eliminate the source of the mold growth, and follow a specialized and highly effective mold removal process.

Water, Fire, Smoke, and Sewage Damage Cleaning & Restoration

I hope you never have to use our most recently added service! If you ever experience the unfortunate event of water, fire, smoke, or sewage damage in your home, we can help. I’m excited to announce we now have a 24 hour response team that dries out, cleans up, and can make any necessary repairs to your home due to these type damages. They also offer mold remediation & asbestos testing.