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First Day Of Fall

Seasonal Checklist

Today marks the first day of fall, and what a wet, blustery, fall day it is! I have already had to rescue two plants that were blown off their stands on the deck.¬† If you haven’t completed your fall to-do list, today is a good time to reflect on those projects that still need attention. Attached is our Seasonal Checklist to help you along.

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Lawn Care: To ensure a healthy lawn in the spring, take a bit of time this fall to apply a quality fertilizer and weed killer. Thatch and re-seed or lay sod as needed. Outdoor Faucets: Once all the yard work is completed, remove, drain, and store hoses for winter. If you have an inside valve for each outdoor faucet, turn these off and open the outside faucet slightly to drain any water left in the pipes. Attach insulated covers over outside faucets. Blow out sprinkler systems.