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Home Emergency Services, Gutters & Storm Drains – Post 1 of 6

High tides, wind, and a failed drainage system flooded this West Seattle home

The first day of winter is nearing and with it comes wind, rain, and snow storms. Are you and your home ready for winter? Having a contingency plan and knowing who to call can save valuable time and money when reacting to an unexpected home emergency.

You must act quickly to minimize damages when faced with an unexpected home emergency. We can assist in getting you the right help, right away. You will have plenty to do on your own securing personal items and possibly even safely relocating children, seniors, and pets. Immediately contacting a professional who specializes in home emergencies will help minimize property loss, reduce costly repairs, and help keep your family safe and healthy. Once the emergency is controlled, they can provide a scope of repairs and detailed proposal to submit on your behalf to your insurance company.

We and our team of talented emergency service providers have your back when you least expect it. Over the next week we will post tips to prepare for winter, and if you need them, emergency services we have available to get you through those unexpected moments.

Gutters & Storm Drains

The first step to avoid water getting into your home and causing damage involves some simple maintenance procedures. Keeping gutters, downspouts, and storm drains clear allows water to be properly diverted away from the home. When full of debris or improperly positioned, gutters and downspouts can overflow or divert water to unwanted places, such as along the foundation and into the basement. Some leaks are slow and difficult to detect until they become a bigger problem. Other times, extensive flooding and damage can occur in just a matter of hours during a hard rain.

Cleaning gutters and keeping drains clear is a simple and inexpensive task that can save thousands of dollars in costly repairs. The do-it-yourself type can usually complete the job with no problem. You can also hire someone to help, often for as little as a couple hundred dollars. A small price compared to what repairs could cost by neglecting this basic home maintenance item.

If after taking these steps you discover water intrusion problems it is best to consult with someone who specializes and understands how the drainage system works around your home. Sometimes these systems fail below the surface of the ground and around the foundation and can be difficult to detect without proper investigation.