Using Paint to Protect and Enhance your Home

Does the outside of your house need an instant facelift? Are you looking to spice up your interior without going “Extreme Home Makeover” on your home? Lastly, are you searching for ways to elevate design and alter your current style on the inside of your home? If you answered yes to one or more questions, then paint might be the answer to your household qualms.

Paint, or any type of color influence, is an easy and inexpensive way to update a home, both inside and out. A quick change of paint can define the style or personality of a home. Unlike other home improvement projects, it can produce immediate results at a fraction of the cost.

Exterior Painting

If you’re looking for quick, professional results for the outside color of your home, a certified painting contractor is the best way to go. However, if you’re brave enough to tackle this home-improvement project alone then ensure proper procedures are followed so the paint will last and give your home the look it deserves. Keep in mind the best time of year to paint the outside of a home is spring and summer, or when there is the least amount of humidity. In our climate, typically the deadline to schedule an exterior painting job with a professional painting contractor is April or May. Much later, and you risk getting pushed out to the following year.

It’s important to keep the outside of the home painted to ensure your home looks its best. A fresh coat of paint will make a home stand out, increase its overall value, and look less dated.

In addition to providing a colorful pop to its exterior, paint also acts as a protective layer between your homes siding materials and the elements. If the paint starts to flake and deteriorate your siding materials become more susceptible to damage caused by the environment. Therefore, a fresh coat of paint will make your home last longer.

Interior Painting

Like exterior color, painting the interior of a home can have visually substantial benefits in a home improvement project. Whether it’s making an adjacent wall pop with a bright color, cultivating a cozy atmosphere with a neutral shade, or drawing attention to a unique architectural area in your home–the results are endless. This is where you can let the creative juices flow.

Paint can be utilized in several ways, one of which is to enrich different spaces in the home. The first step in your painting self-discovery is primarily research. Search the internet for designs, patterns, colors, or textures similar to your style goals. Home design and lifestyle blogs are a good resource because there are usually a lot of pictures, references, and easy to follow instructions. Pinterest is another excellent website that provides you with an unlimited source of ideas to help you discover how to artistically enhance a room. After finding a design or style of your liking, putting together a plan is important, as is getting a wide range of color swatches for the style you’re trying to emulate.

Although there are endless ways to paint the interior of a home, here are five unique ideas to bring color to unexpected areas:

Painting a door: This is less commitment than painting an entire room, yet still provides a splash of color to an otherwise conventional color scheme. If you don’t want to go extreme with a bright color, even subtle colors have a refined yet effective impact. If you want more of a contrast painting the door frame and door two different colors also has an appealing effect.

Graphic Painted Wall: Different geometric lines can have an interesting, yet profound effect on a blank wall. Play around with various shapes, lines and colors to see which one might best suit your design goals.

Painted Wainscot: A wainscot is wood paneling on the lower part of a wall. An easy way to emulate this look is with a different color of paint. By only painting a wall two-thirds of the way up or half-way from the ceiling down, it can have a nice color contrast without the effort of painting the entire wall.

Color Box: Painting a color “box,” in various areas of a room to complement certain areas is another unique way to be creative with walls and spaces. Use a few different colors to help bring together a room.

Furniture Color-Pop: Painting a piece of furniture is also another way to have a color “pop” against an otherwise neutral looking wall. A variation of that is painting the inside of your cupboards or the inside of a bookshelf to cultivate the absence of color in a certain area of the home.

Painting the exterior and interior of the home has both sustainable, visual, and creative benefits and ultimately elevates the look of your home. Although it’s easy to do yourself, utilizing a painting contractor is beneficial in any of your paint home improvement projects. Let us help connect you with a painting professional today!


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