Bedroom Make-Overs for Maximum Results

A bedroom remodel or make-over can be a minor home improvement project with maximum results

You know those people who wake up looking refreshed and rejuvenated for the day? Waking up refreshed has a lot to do with your bedroom environment. With a bit of thoughtful planning, a bedroom space can have a positive effect on your mood and disposition.

Remodeling a bedroom can be a minor home improvement project with potentially maximum results. Even small alterations such as a fresh coat of paint or adding a functional piece of furniture can transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. Below are five ways to turn your bedroom from a functional room used only for sleep to a tranquil refuge of rejuvenation.

Splash Some Neutrals

This might seem like an obvious idea, but a fresh coat of paint can help take your walls from a dull white to the soothing hues of a day spa. However, don’t stray from a neutral color scheme like soft grey, or very light yellow. The soft neutral palette of pale blues and greys are also useful and eye-pleasing, and an elegant mixture of taupes, creams, and whites is equally tranquil. If you want a splash of color an accent wall can add dimension and creativity without being overwhelming.

Add a Seating Area

This might seem silly if you don’t spend a lot of time in your bedroom. However, adding a chaise lounge or accent chairs with a small table can open up a room and add a place for quiet solitude.

Invest in High-Quality Bedding

Emulate sleeping in a luxury hotel every night by investing in some quality bedding. Look for 100 percent natural fiber sheets such as cotton or linen. The softness of your sheets and pillowcases are healthy for your skin, and you will feel like you are on vacation every night. A fluffy comforter or duvet cover with soft patterns or neutral colors will complete the look.

Embrace Minimalism

This might be further on the list, but it is the most important. Clutter is a prerequisite for stress, so the less clutter you have laying around, the more relaxed your room will feel. Also, try and rid yourself of unnecessary belongings, or create a well-organized storage area.

Invest in a Headboard

To complete the look of a more minimalistic, calming atmosphere, a headboard can be the focal point of a room. If you like to read in bed a neutral-colored, upholstered headboard is a cozy backdrop to lean against. A wood headboard may be a good choice for a more rustic atmosphere. Get creative, have fun, and choose something that meets your needs and compliments your décor.

When remodeling, the most thought goes into the public areas of a house, and the bedroom is often overlooked. Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it’s almost ironic we don’t focus more on the tranquility of a bedroom. To experience ultimate tranquility in your bedroom don’t overlook neutral colors, functional accent furniture, a prominent bed-frame, or minimalism.

If you would like to be connected with a designer who specializes in room make-overs, we can help! Submit a work request today and see how your space can be transformed into a peaceful sanctuary.

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