Planning A Kitchen Remodel

For many, the kitchen is considered the most important room in the house, whether it’s for entertaining, family gatherings, cooking a meal, or enjoying a moment of silence at the beginning or end of the day. Because the kitchen is a such a significant room in the home, renovating it can be daunting and expensive. From minor kitchen updates to a complete kitchen remodel, it is necessary to carefully plan your kitchen remodel. Soliciting the help of professionals who specialize in kitchen design and remodeling is crucial.

When deciding if a kitchen remodel is in your future, there are some important things to first consider.

  • What is the overall goal of the kitchen remodel?
  • Does it need modest cosmetic updates or a more extensive renovation?
  • How often is the kitchen used?
  • Will it be used for entertaining?
  • What is the maximum budget?

Considering these questions will give you a starting place in your kitchen design and remodeling plan.

The design is an essential aspect of a kitchen renovation. Considering the questions listed above is beneficial in discovering which design and style will fit the kitchen’s remodel goals. It’s necessary to align your kitchen’s style so it’s coherent with the rest of your house. Below, are five of the most popular design-styles used in kitchen remodels today.

Country Kitchen

Cozy, comfortable, and inviting are the goals for a country-style kitchen. Farmhouse tables and rustic-looking pieces will significantly elevate this theme. Although wood is the main aspect of a country-inspired kitchen, splashes of red, yellow and blue tones are usually present.

Modern Kitchen

A modern design is sleek and minimalistic. A kitchen with this style has shiny surfaces and high-tech appliances. Gray, white, or black colors with granite countertops and small wood accents set a nice scene for someone looking for a sophisticated update.

Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen style is ideal for entertaining and has an overall, “welcoming” look to it. The curated old and new materials are usually casual, but polished. An island is an ideal addition to this remodel because it allows more counter space and room for people to interact.

Traditional Kitchen

A traditional kitchen is perfect for a life that revolves around family activities. Its comfortable, timeless style is welcoming to everyone. The kitchen has a “vintage” look and may include white tiles, cupboards, or paneled glass cabinet fronts. This kitchen design is a classic and will never go out of style.

Old-World Kitchen

Solid craftsmanship is the goal of an old-world kitchen design. Combining history and luxury, this style utilizes dark woods, detailed wood carvings, and stone or wood floors. This type of kitchen incorporates a seasoned beauty in a historic home.

Although the payoff is worth the inconvenience, living through a remodel while trying to go through everyday life can be challenging. Some common renovation issues to anticipate (and get accustomed to) for the duration of a kitchen remodel is the mess, dust, contractors moving in and out of the house, noise, and to assume the unexpected.

A kitchen remodel is a significant project not to be taken lightly. If a kitchen improvement project is in your home’s future, first establish a comprehensive plan, design, and budget. Additionally, it’s essential to hire a contractor who understands your remodeling goals and can transform them into your dream kitchen. Keep in mind you will be working closely with this contractor and their team for several months. Choosing a remodeling contractor with the ability to achieve your goals and whose personality is compatible with your own is essential to the success of any large-scale home improvement project. Let us help you find the right contractor today!

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