Man Cave Essentials

Ahh, the iconic man cave. An escape from screaming children bouncing from one wall to the other, household chores, yard work, and any other “manly” responsibilities one might have.

A home improvement project to build a man cave is an opportunity where the man and the man alone, has free-range for design and creativity. An article from Men’s Health Magazine stated, studies from a 2010 survey done at the University of Southern California of couples in their 30s and 40s found that men’s cortisol levels significantly dropped when they had more solo leisure time in their own homes. Want your man less stressed? Start planning.

If you are in the market to remodel an existing room or transform space in a garage or basement to create the perfect shrine of testosterone and a little piece of heaven for the man in your house then below are a few tips and steps to get you started. A man cave renovation can be as simple or as complicated as you want, it all comes down to space, design, and budget.

Choosing a space

Unless you have an abundance of extra rooms in your home this can be a tough decision. A den or office space is an ideal room to transform into a man cave, but usually, space is limited. Make detailed plans that align with what you deem the most important part of the room. For example, a bar, or entertainment center would be an excellent place to start. If you plan on installing additional plumbing or alternative water sources, make sure to hire a contractor to ensure your renovations are installed correctly.


Other than choosing a space, this is an essential part of prepping a man cave, because you could quickly go broke. Create a list of essential items you want for the room. For example, one of the most envy-inducing elements of a man cave is a big screen, HDTV. A budget will help you limit your desires from an unrealistic fantasy to only the necessary ones.


Designing a layout is a crucial part of any home improvement project, including a man cave. Center your design around a critical object, like an entertainment center or a bar.  Make sure the most important element (to you) is the focus of attention. Complete the room’s look with plenty of comfy and relaxing furniture.  A bar might be an essential piece of a man cave. You can either hire a  contractor or extend your budget by building your own. Construct a bar using 2X4’s for the frame and standard plywood for the base–available at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Use granite, tile, or similar material for the countertop, and paint or tile to dress up the front.

Developing a space, sticking to a budget, and figuring out the perfect design are just the basics of creating the ideal man oasis to escape into, but putting your personal touches to your man cave will make it your own. If you’re doing any major home improvement projects, it may be best to hire a certified contractor to help with the renovations. Let us help you find the perfect one today!

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