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Spring Home Maintenance

Start your spring exterior maintenance plan by grabbing a pen and paper and taking a walk around the full perimeter of your home. Compile a list of any necessary repairs you discover. Breaking these tasks down later into categories and prioritizing them will make the list more manageable.

Trim Trees & Bushes

You need relatively clear access to your home’s exterior to complete most maintenance tasks. A good place to start is to trim back any trees and bushes from the side of the house and hanging over the roof, gutters, and power lines. Remember to give the same attention to any outbuildings, such as a detached garage or storage shed. Read More >>

Planning To Paint Your Home This Summer?

Painting contractor’s schedules are filling up quickly for summer. One painting contractor reported several weeks ago they already had 35 exterior projects scheduled for the summer! If you plan to have your home painted this summer it would be wise to settle on a contractor soon. This includes staining and painting decks too. Read More >>