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Storage & Shelving Solutions

Maximize your pantry storage capacity

Maximize your pantry storage capacity

Maximize the storage capacity in the kitchen, pantry, bath, laundry room, or garage, anywhere you have a cabinet. Custom made glide-out shelving is designed to suit your unique storage needs and existing cabinet space.

Transform kitchen cabinets into useful storage with easy access, full visibility, and maximum use of space. No more getting down on your hands and knees to find items hiding in the back of deep cabinets. With the touch of a finger, glide-out shelves will bring those items to you for easy access. Storing small items such as spices or canned goods often result in wasted space in the upper portion of the cabinet. Multiple shelves or storage bins at varying heights accommodate those smaller items and allow use of the entire cabinet space.  

Could you use more storage space in the bathroom? Plumbing beneath sinks in bathrooms and kitchens often creates a void of unusable space. Unique riser solutions allow more storage space around obstructing pipes, maximizing use and allowing easy access to all those under the sink supplies.

Is the garage or shop area outgrowing the existing storage space? Installing heavy-duty customized glide-out shelving or storage bins in your existing storage cabinet reduces clutter, helps keep things organized, and recaptures lost space.

Keep the trash bin out of site

Store the trash bin out of site

Reduce clutter, maximize storage space, and solve those hard to use spaces with a custom system designed especially for your specific home and storage needs. Custom cubbies, under-the-counter trash bins, tray bins for storing cookie sheets and cutting boards, and pull-down shelving for those high shelves – these are just a few of the unique ideas and solutions available.

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