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Deck Maintenance & New Deck Construction

Deck, Stairs, & Retaining WallDeck maintenance or building a new deck goes hand in hand with spring. When summer arrives in Seattle we want to be ready to enjoy it to the fullest. What better place is there to entertain friends and family than outside on your deck?

Maintaining your deck is necessary to ensure it remains in good condition. If you have a wood deck, you will want to examine it for damage or wear from the past winter. Cycles of wetting and drying will cause it to expand and contract, leading to cracking and warping. Keep the deck clean of debris and mildew and replace rotting boards or loose nails as needed. Apply a coat of stain or sealer to stabilize moisture loss and help prevent decay.

If you are thinking of adding a new deck to your home, careful planning will help you enjoy your deck for years to come. Consider your outdoor lifestyle when deciding on how large your deck should be. Allowing for a useable dry space underneath may be a useful option. There are several building materials to consider, including redwood & cedar, treated wood, or engineered wood, such as TimberTech or Trex. Often decks are built using a combination of one or more of these materials. Please note: City and county building regulations require a permit for both new and reconstructed decks. Before construction begins, be sure to obtain a building permit. Permits are not required for general maintenance or minor repairs.

Another option is to install a durable yet attractive polyurethane waterproofing material over an existing deck or when building a new deck. There are many reasons to consider a waterproof deck, balcony, patio, roof, or stairway. Waterproofing will protect and beautify the surface, increase usability, and enhance resale value. If the surface is above a living area, or essentially functions as both a floor and a roof, it is critical the surface remains waterproof to avoid any damage to the occupied space below.

Flat rooftops can be beautifully transformed into useable outdoor living areas. The finished waterproof product is seamless with no gaps, overlaps, or ridges to threaten the integrity of the structure.

Consider waterproofing decks that extend from an upper level where there is a patio, walkway, or access into the home underneath. Waterproofing the upper deck creates a dry, usable space underneath for storage, outdoor seating, or simply dry cover to access the home during inclement weather.

Pacific Polymers polyurethane waterproof deck coatings can be applied over concrete, plywood, or metal. Properly applied and maintained, the polyurethane deck covering is skid-resistant, long-lasting, wear-resistant, fire-retardant, and easy to maintain. Special granules or aggregate provide a textured surface safely designed for foot traffic. Unlike paint or stain, polyurethane products resist damage and fading from harmful UV rays, moisture, and extreme heat or freezing temperatures. With proper cleaning and care your waterproof deck will continue to provide many years of satisfactory service.