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Chimney Cleaning Services Are In High Demand

Does your chimney need cleaned?

Do you need your chimney cleaned before the heating season kicks in? It won’t be much longer before you want to start a cozy fire to take the cold chill of fall out of the room. The rule of thumb is you should have your chimney cleaned after every two cords of wood are burned. For some this may be annually and for others it may only be every few years. With fall now upon us, most chimney sweeps are already booked 3-4 weeks out for cleaning and inspection services. If you are due to have your chimney cleaned this season, don’t delay. Call your local service and get on the list today. If you don’t have a service you use regularly, please give us a call at 425-775-9085 and we can refer someone to you. We also provide masonry services if your chimney is in need of repair.